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Current Webinars – Marketing Bootcamp

This Marketing Bootcamp program will be presented in a series of three webinar: Marketing 101, Marketing 201 and Marketing 301. Marketing 101 provides the foundation for the remaining sessions in the series, each of which are progressively more advanced.

This webinar series is an investment in taking marketing from some vague concept with questionable outcomes to a practical function that delivers measurable value and helps drive revenue. Attendees will learn a practical approach to marketing beginning with what it is and how it works. They can use the ideas and concepts shared in this webinar series to implement or improve their marketing in a way that makes sense for the market they are in while targeting the ideal customers for their solutions.


  1. Register for all three programs.
  2. Marketing 101 – covers the essentials of strategy and positioning, the foundation for other marketing activities. October 22 from 11-12:15
  3. Marketing 201 – covers the primary marketing approaches for the modern marketer, such as content marketing and digital marketing. October 29 from 11-12:15
  4. Marketing 301 – covers the need to measure, track and analyze key metrics to understand how marketing is performing. November 19 from 11-12:15
 Jerry Rackley

Jerry Rackley

Price: $125 each or $350 for all three

Presenter: Jerry Rackley
Department of Marketing, Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University

The full Marketing Bootcamp consists of all three sessions, but they can be consumed ala carte.

This series of webinars – Marketing Bootcamp – is designed for organizations that have no formal marketing function, or have an ineffective one. It is designed to demystify marketing, equipping and inspiring attendees to create and execute a practical marketing strategy that influences revenue.