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June 5-10, 2016

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MIS Degrees – No Limit to Your Success!

  • High salary
  • Technology based
  • High demand today … higher demand tomorrow!
  • Exciting projects
  • Rewarding positions
  • Career paths variety
  • Hands-on system building experience

An MIS degree provides an optimal mix of people skills, technological expertise, and business knowledge. MIS is the most sought after degree one can earn with unlimited future prospects…what more could a graduate want?

Potential Careers:

  • Business Analyst
  • Web Architect
  • Knowledge Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Communications Specialist

OSU ISyTE Academy Activities

At the OSU ISyTE Academy, you will spend six days on the OSU-Stillwater campus interacting with current OSU MIS students and faculty members.

Information Technology Exploration

  • students looking at computer monitors
    “Build IT”
    Learn how computer components work together to process information. You will receive a box of parts, tools and software, and you will build a functioning computer.
  • “Connect IT”
    Teams of students receive a box of “stuff” and build a network of computers or other devices. You will learn to interconnect computers into a basic network and have an introduction to the client-server architecture.
  • “Code IT”
    You will explore object oriented programming in C#. Using Visual Studio, you will build your own customized ISYTE online chat application.
  • “Hack IT”
    You will get a good idea how to protect your information and ‘digital identity’ through demonstrations of password cracking and other actions designed to disclose information meant to be protected. You will learn how to make strong passwords by seeing how hackers can break them and how to safeguard your data.
  • “Stalk IT”
    A group activity to show how hackers and other not-so-nice folks gather information on their targets. You will have an “eye-opening” look at just how much information is available about them through open sources and how that information can be used by Internet predators or hackers.
  • “Game IT”
    Creating computer games, rather than just playing them can also be fun… and great learning! Working with rapid digital game creation software, you will have the opportunity to create a computer game with graphics, sound effects, and music. No prior programming knowledge is required.
  • “Wire IT”
    Wire IT will allow students to create their own physical network cable to allow them to hook up their computer to communicate with others on the internet.
  • “Digital Forensics”
    An exploration of digital forensics—the information and trail that is unknowingly left behind in the files that you generate.

Daily Field Trips and Activities

Students enjoying physical activity outside
You will experience some of the traditional college “hot spots” enjoyed by all OSU students as well as other fun and insightful activities, which include:

  • OSU Camp Redlands ropes course
  • Corporation visits
  • Tour of the famous Boone Pickens Stadium


  • Who Are You?
    In this workshop, you will learn what to expect in college, and what courses you should take as a high school senior to prepare.
  • What Do You Want To Be?
    In this workshop, you will participate in assessment exercises to learn more about your interests. You also will learn how to apply for college, as well as more about OSU and careers available in management information systems.

“ISyTE opened a new path in my life that I would like to pursue as a career.”
Abraham Mendieta, ASTEC Charter Schools

“ISyTE was very fun and enjoyable. I learned a lot about computers, more than I did before. All the places we went to eat were amazing and all the activities were just endless with fun. I think “Stalk It” was one of my favorites because I got to pick one person and try to find out a lot about them. This opportunity was very amazing and wonderful and I’m glad I could participate in the program.”
Gabriele Fair, Putnam City High School

“The camp was great for people of all experiences and ages. It was beneficial to learn about college as well a career in MIS.”
Joseph Allen, Deer Creek High School

“An overall great introduction into computers. I learned a great amount about the opportunities through MIS.”

Joshua Sylvester, Drumright High School

“Awesome camp! Loved the team chemistry. Also loved the group activities and mix of technology and business. I wish ISyTE alumni could come again. #lifetimefriends”
Stephanie Royer, Oklahoma Connection Academy

“I wish ISyTE could have lasted longer. Unknown acquaintances became like family near the end and it is truly upsetting having to leave. The learning experiences will also carry with me for the rest of my school career.”
Tanner M. Franks, Adair High School

“I loved the camp so much! I hope you can have me back next year, I’ll even sleep on the floor if I have to!”

Eugene Grayson III, Glenpool High School

Photos from ISyTE