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25th Annual Women’s Business Leadership Conference

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 | Hyatt Regency Hotel | Tulsa, Oklahoma

Learn more about moving toward your career goals, developing yourself and others, and enhancing your leadership skills from expert women leaders.

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“Resilience and Reinvention – The Many Lives of Women”

Peggy Elliott Goldwyn Peggy Elliott Goldwyn, Sun Valley, Idaho, broke ground as the youngest woman writing television situation comedies in her early 20s, associated with such series as “That Girl”, “The Odd Couple” and “Happy Days”. She was Vice President of The Samuel Goldwyn Company until 2003, an innovative independent film production and distribution entity. As a member of the board of Friends of UNFPA, supporting The United Nations Population Fund, she founded The Family of Woman Film Festival in 2007, presenting feature-length dramas and documentaries and international speakers to illustrate the importance of empowering women. She leads delegations to various countries in Africa, serves on several Sub-Saharan Advisory Boards, and has written and produced a documentary for The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. She recently published her first novel in England.


“I have found that women are more adaptable to change than men. Perhaps this is a Darwinian mutation after countless generations of lives controlled by fathers and husbands, profoundly changed by motherhood or altered by becoming a widow or experiencing divorce? Whatever the reason, as society has changed, more and more women are free to use this innate ability to realize a wide range of ambitions throughout their lives.”

“Leadership and Policy Design in Public Administration”

María Arizmendi María Arizmendi has always been interested in social issues, particularly associated with health protection. She is convinced that government offices and the current health system can actually provide excellent services and attention to the citizens, if public servers design and work on creative and effective strategies to achieve it.

Her experience in the Mexican health system and citizen attention will provide practical examples. This information may help you relate better to your work’s impact and your own satisfaction.

She is currently a National Users Orientation and Complaints the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS). Her job is very relevant to the institution, since IMSS provides medical and social compensations for more than 56 million people and her job is to attend complaints and design policies with the information to improve services provided among its more than 1500 units.

Prior to this, she was Technical Coordinator of Attention and Orientation in the same institution, where she contributed to develop de current attention model that IMSS and Federal Government actually follow to respond to citizens’ demands and questions about government services, processes and complaints.

Before working for IMSS, María was Director for Social Participation at National Comission of Social Protection for Health Ministry. There, she generated different models of coordination with the states of the country in order to contribute to national health prevention, since the Comission provides health services to people without social security.

Her previous professional experience was developed as Director of Federal Police Compensations to Security Ministry from 2005 to 2007, which was her first work experience in Federal Government.

Before working for Federal Government, she was in charge of coordinating projects at the local Social Security Institute of Guanajuato State for two years, where she actually decided to develop a plan career through public administration.

She studied a Master in Business Administration Program in Polytechnic University of Catalonia, after studying International Commerce and developing administrative work at Guanajuato University from 1999 to 2002. However, she has been constantly updating her knowledge about government and international practices, through workshops and seminars in Service Canada College.


María Arizmendi will present important keys to consider while creating effective and results oriented strategies in public administration. She will explore different human and technical aspects for policy design, as well as management topics that have to be considered while designing government strategies. Her experience in the Mexican health system and citizen attention will provide practical examples. This information may help you relate better to your work’s impact and your own satisfaction.

“The Dark Side of Social Sharing”

Donna Payne Donna Payne, CEO of PayneGroup Inc., is a recognized expert in IT, with specialization in legal software and technology. She is the recipient of the International Legal Technology Association Vendor Thought Leader of the Year award (2013), the first-ever Lex Proficio award recipient for lifetime Achievement (American Bar Association) and Law Technology New magazine’s inaugural Consultant of the Year. Donna speaks on the subject of privacy concerns, metadata, STEM and leadership. She has keynoted at conferences, spoken to Congress, and presented for government and security agencies worldwide. Payne is a member of the Women President’s Organization, and on the board of two non-profits (YMCA of Greater Seattle and Bertschi School).

PayneGroup is a software development company with products such as Metadata Assistant, Redact Assistant, and Outlook Send Assistant. These products are security related and help to reduce or eliminate accidental data disclosure. Other products from the company help with workflow. Numbering Assistant makes even the most complex paragraph numbering in Microsoft Word easy. Forms Assistant streamlines the process of creating professional, branded documents commonly used for correspondence, or for the legal vertical. Professional services include the authoring of 13 books on Microsoft Office software, high-end and end user training, project management and support.


Privacy, security and data for sale. Hear how companies are using and making a profit off your data, and might be putting you, your family and your practice at risk Topics include data sharing, information brokers, social media, identity theft, stalking and luring. There are legal implications and it’s important to understand how to protect yourself and proactively regain privacy.

“Sisterhood for Success”

Beth Dinndorf, Elizabeth “Beth” Dinndorf is the 18th president of Columbia College. Under her leadership, Columbia College is building on its 161-year history and stellar academic reputation with a bold new direction to more fully integrate real-world experiences and career preparation with a liberal arts education.

An attorney and senior business executive, Dinndorf formerly served as senior vice president and manager of student banking services at U.S. Bank in St. Paul, MN. She also served as senior vice president and national sales manager of education financial services at Wells Fargo Bank.

Dinndorf has been an active advocate for education and women’s leadership, serving for 18 years on the Board of Trustees at the College of Saint Benedict. She was recognized as a 2014 Women of Distinction by the Girl Scouts Midlands to Mountains and was presented the 2015 Distinguished Community Leadership Award for Governance by Richland County Council.

She serves on the Board of Directors for Central Carolina Community Foundation and Sisters of Charity Foundation. She also chaired the American Heart Association’s 2015 Midlands Go Red for Women luncheon, where she led a record-breaking campaign. Dinndorf is a member of the Columbia Rotary Club, the Midlands Business Leadership Group and Women in Philanthropy.

Dinndorf received a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics from the College of Saint Benedict, and earned her Juris Doctor degree, cum laude, from William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul.


This session will examine the importance networking and how each of us can benefit from finding women mentors in every stage of life and career. As a graduate of a women’s college, Beth entered the male-dominated banking industry with the self-confidence and ambition she needed to become a success executive. Throughout her career she witnessed and benefitted from mentors and sponsors. Now as the president of a women’s college, she is more convinced than ever in the power of women’s collaboration.

“A young New Yorker’s take on coming of age in the 21st Century “

Caitlin Donovan Caitlin Donovan is the current Associate Vice President and Specialist for the Christie’s New York Handbags & Accessories Department, based in New York City. Caitlin is focusing on bridging the gap between the historical Christie’s auction and online shopping by making collectible luxury accessories available to new clients through Christie’s ecommerce platforms and traditional auction. Prior to joining Christie’s in 2014 Caitlin worked at Heritage Auctions, as the Specialist for their Handbags & Accessories Department. Before entering the auction world, Caitlin worked as the Director of Sales and Marketing for the handbag company Holly Caldwell LLC and as the Director of Education for Women Corporate Directors, launching chapters of the organization around the world. Caitlin was recently recognized as one of the“30 Under 30” by Forbes Magazine, for her work in Retail and Ecommerce at Christie’s. Born and raised in Manhattan, Caitlin holds a B.A. in History and Sociology from Vanderbilt University.


Caitlin is a founding partner of the newest category at Christie’s, the largest auction house in the world. Today the Specialist in North and South America for the Handbags & Accessories department, her path from birth to present day has been anything but a straight line. She was born into a creative family with an appetite for taking risks and follows in the footsteps of her female role models, her mother and her grandmother, successful women who have broken down barriers and shattered glass ceilings at every turn. Millennials have been given unlimited opportunity and yet many seem to drown in the possibilities. Caitlin speaks of her path – raised in downtown New York, pursing her dreams as an athlete since the age of 6, and letting her instincts lead her to where she is today. She was recognized in 2014 as one of Forbes 30 Under 30. Caitlin speaks to the importance of ‘faking it til you make it’, and why hard work, dedication and confidence are the ultimate tools for success as a young woman in the 21st century.


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