Creative Branding and Marketing Conference

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010 • Renaissance Hotel, Tulsa

In today’s marketplace, new ideas and branding make a difference! When the economy slows down, you need marketing ideas and branding that catch attention. Attend this conference to hear from experts in the industry about the latest marketing ideas, social media and technology that can be used to help your organization determine corporate strategy in a challenging economy.

Who should attend:

  • Organizations interested in developing or revitalizing their brand and utilizing creative marketing techniques.
  • Organizations that want to motivate employees and build momentum around a brand.

Conference Topics

The Creative Branding and Marketing Conference will address the importance of branding, the development of brands, the evolution of brands, new product branding and marketing, and creativity in marketing. In addition, the conference will include a panel discussion about marketing a brand in a challenging economic environment.

Featured Speakers:

  • Angela Courtin
    Senior Vice President of Marketing, Entertainment and Content, MySpace, Beverly Hills, CA
  • Sandy Douglas*
    President, Coca Cola North America
  • Michael Ellgass
    Senior Director, Private Brand Food, Walmart, Bentonville, AR
  • Russ Florence
    President and Chief Operation Officer, Schnake Turnbo Frank PR, the advertising company for the Oklahoma WNBA franchise, Tulsa, OK
  • Molly Jarvis
    Vice President, Cultural and Public Relations, Cherokee Nation Entertainment, Tulsa, OK
  • Adam Nemec
    President, New Medio, Tulsa, OK
  • Joseph Papania
    Director of Media Strategy, Littlefield, Tulsa, OK
  • Winston Peraza
    Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer, Cubic, Tulsa, OK
  • Leyland F. Pitt, M.C., MBA, Ph.D.
    Professor of Marketing, Segal Graduate School of Business, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, and Senior Research Fellow, Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom

*Optional luncheon presentation: “Global Sustainable Leadership–Transforming How We Do Business”


To become a sponsor for this program, fill out the sponsor form and fax to 405-744-6143. If you would like more information on becoming a sponsor for this program, please contact Gaye Trivitt, Program Coordinator in the OSU CEPD Office, at 866-678-3933 or 405-744-5208 or email